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Tony Lovello and His Millennium Orchestra

“Arranger, Producer, Performer”   Tony’s latest CD review by Donna Douglas Massey

Member Accordionaires Accordion Club in Burbank, CA

You are about to experience an unforgettable extravaganza of musical arrangements - all designed, produced, and performed by one expert craftsman and master of the accordion - Tony Lovello and his Millennium Orchestra. Often referred to as the “Liberace” of the accordion because of his showstopper live performances, Tony will capture your attention with the same excitement by using his extraordinary skills in musical arrangement and combining it with his artistic expertise in orchestration…that is, creating each part with the proper instrument sound (like piano, strings, guitar, etc…) and then finally performing and recording each and every part himself - including the sounds of the orchestra parts - live!

Tony’s Millennium Orchestra consists of three Petosa accordions: The AM1100 Acoustical, the AM1100 Millennium Digital Reedless, and the AM1100 Midi. The Ketron X4 Solton is controlled exclusively by Lovello to produce the bass and percussion.

You are now ready to listen to and enjoy the following favorites:

  • So In Love - Bellow shakes are usually an accordionist’s nightmare, but Tony, clothed in authority, delivers an artistic and enthusiastic bellow shake from the beginning to the end and handles it like a dream.
  • Italian Favorites - A contrast in moods, Tony teases us back and forth from gaiety to romance…performed with Old World flavor.
  • New York, New York - Just when you thought you’d heard every arrangement possible, Tony surprises us with a dynamic version - lots of driving rhythm and colored with imagination and creative harmony.
  • Green Eyes - Bellow shake adds charm to this piece while Tony also accompanies in background with strings…listen to the full keyboard of violins executed in the style of 101 violins!
  • Love Story - Hear the harmonious balance of accordion and piano on the introduction. Tony commands the accordion reeds to “breathe” the words, while he plays “voices” in background accompaniment. Tico Tico - Lovello’s technical skill is flawless and unmatched as he performs a double bellow shake with precision in perfect taste and timing.
  • You Are Always On My Mind - Tony possesses a delicate sensitivity in expression as he commands the accordion reeds to “whisper” the lyrics in poetic phrasing, while continually building the orchestral background into a heightened crescendo.
  • Polka Medley - You’ll hear that ole “bar room Polka Band” sound as the 2 accordions and “tuba” play together!
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Take note of the background orchestral sensitivity and solo accordion interpretation.
  • Strangers In The Night - You’ll love the bongos that accompany the double bellow shake on this Sinatra favorite.
  • Going Out of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You - Great 60’s sound of two favorite numbers. Tony executes impeccable timing and control in his deliverance.
  • Georgia On My Mind - Tony drives a powerful soul-filled blues beat that produces a lasting impression on this favorite.

$15.00 CD (+ shipping)


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