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We wanted you to know how much we are enjoying your new video Tony Lovello Showcase. Now we know why your success is so well deserved, Practice & Hard Work! We especially enjoyed the big band sound using the midi and what you did with the midi sound.

"The demonstrations and the performances were more than I had expected, the video is worth ten times what you are asking. Whether you are a musician or just want to watch and hear a master at work, this video delivers the goods" - JL

"I want you know you are a terrific accordion player. I watch your video over and over again, I can't believe you can make an accordion do that!" - SM

"The only thing I can say is WOW! The first tape you've done for me is fantastic! Not only is the playing incredible, your instruction is superb, very entertaining, and wonderfully enjoyable!" -WMS

"I received your video and may I tell you it was a real thrill to see your performance and clips. You are the best! I'll always treasure the video" - N


Liberace of the Accordion...

Tony Lovello is a crowd pleaser...

Tony Lovello: He came, He Played He Conquered....

I just had to say something to - Accordion Music Praise

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