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Tony Lovello

Tony Lovello, often called the “Liberace of the Accordion” because of his exciting showmanship and humor, puts out a fun-fest, well-paced accordion spectacular that you don’t want to miss!

Lovello is an exceptionally talented musician who definitely possesses the star quality of a master accordionist. During his concerts, he communicates and connects with the audience through the warmth of his personality as well as through the passion of his music. The audience experiences a variety of mood changes projected by Lovello’s arrangements.

He has been known to stir memories with the passion in his music…could be a tear down the cheek…or at other times it could be an uncontrollable desire to get up and kick your heels! The wide assortment of music he plays appeals to all - his style can capture the attention of everyone. You will be mesmerized by the depth of his performance.
Tony uses a cordless microphone system that allows him to move comfortable among the audience, demonstrating his famous glissandos, rapid runs, and trademark bellow shake with accuracy and precision. Yes, he walks, talks, and delivers without missing a beat! Lovello plays with the utmost authority and has complete command of his instrument. For example, he never looks at his keys and can strike any note or chord at will without looking.

Tony’s repertoire and style will “razzle-dazzle” you with some of his outstanding arrangements. His left hand rhythm unerringly “drives” whatever piece he’s playing. His interpretation of Malaguene will electrify you! It is indeed performed with unmatchable bravura! With his masterpiece, he gives one of the most incredible, most physically dynamic performances ever delivered! Truly, his unforgettable stamina will leave you feeling breathless. His audiences always respond with a most appreciative and deserving standing ovation.

Being in high-demand is not new to Tony. His earlier fame includes being a former member of The Three Suns who enjoyed the renown of such hits as “Peg of My Heart”, “Twilight Time”, and “Don’t Take Your Love From Me”. He has made appearances all over the world and has performed with the best such as Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Dinah Shore, Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Pat Boone, Jimmy Durante, and Roy Clark.

Lovello’s wide-range musical talents are further displayed on his latest CD/tapes using acoustical and Midi accordions and the new reedless accordion. You will experience a new dimension in accordion sounds as Tony displays his arranging ability by playing all the solo and back-up parts - right from his heart. In addition to the old favorites…you will also have the pleasure of enjoying a few of Tony’s own compositions - right from his heart!

Tony Lovello is certainly a crown pleaser! He keeps a pace that would exhaust everyone in the audience. You won’t want to miss this master in concert! It will be an unforgettable experience! Not to mention…lots and lots of fun!

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