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Liberace of the Accordion...

Tony Lovello “Does It Again”

Tony Lovello still playing for fans

Tony Lovello may be the Michael Jordan of the Accordion world, not only because he is one of the all time greats in his field, but because he has a habit of un-retiring from it. But, it’s not all showmanship. He is truly an amazing accordionist.

His most recent return to a stand-up and cheer audience came at the Las Vegas Accordion Convention in October where he led the final evening’s concert with a masterful performance including a patriotic medley and an Old Glory draped accordion to fit the occasion that had the crowd on their feet going at it with Tony.

It was a technically perfect presentation of Tony’s razzle-dazzle with his trademark glissandos and bellow shakes that have made him a great performer and showman.
Vandeville style pick-a-gem from the audience, thrills the crowd.

No gimmick here when Tony picked a little girl out of the audience to join him in a lively duet. Vendeville audiences used to go for this sort of stunt big time. And stage-wise Tony scored another hit with his partner, and his audience responded with standing ovations as he warmed up and then overheated himself and the fans.
It was pure Tony Lovello playing his distinctive style with Tony’s special charm.

Every great accordionist seems to have started playing shortly after being born, but Tony was probably a late bloomer at five. He stayed at it and enjoyed a professional career playing with the Three Suns. He appeared with Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Dinah Shore, Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Pat Boone, Jimmy Durante and Roy Clark. That’s heavy duty company in the entertainment field.

Last year the SAAA brought Tony to San Antonio for a concert. He was a hit with his fellow SAAA club members who tried to entertain him, but Tony, the consummate entertainer, made lasting fans and several new friends while in the Alamo City.

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