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Tony's Full of Polka!

Polka Accordion Music CDThe title” Tony’s Full Of Polka” may sound too far-fetched, but in reality this is very true. Starting out playing the accordion at the age of 5 under the direction of his father (who also played the accordion) he was taught the only songs his father knew, those being tarantellas, waltzes, and polkas. Performing various school functions Tony soon inherited the name of the Oom- Pah Oom Pah kid.

It was then that Tony decided to change his style of playing and soon adapted the style of the Glenn Miller orchestra and began playing popular songs of the time. During his last concert tour, in which he received four Lifetime Achievement awards, Tony had numerous requests for polka songs and Polka CDs.

With this in mind, Tony put together this array of polkas, with most of the polkas written by him. With the use of three accordions, Tony plays all the parts on his Petosa Millennium Accordion, Am1100, and Ciao Accordion. We hope you will be entertained with his original and spirited style of arrangements... P.S. Tony adds to his list of songs written by his brother Joe Lovullo Sr.”Oh We’re All Going To Polka”, Oh yes, Tony is doing the singing.


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