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Tony Lovello's Newest Video
  • A must for Intermediate & Professionals Alike
  • Ideas for Music Arrangements
  • Intros & Endings
  • Helpful Stage Presentation

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THREE amazing new videos!

"Hints, Tips, and Helps"

Tony Lovello - The Showman


"All That

shaking.gif (2300 bytes)

Going On"

Order now and also receive at no extra charge:

Seattle WA live performance 45 minutes - very entertaining - Northwestern Accordion Association.  Wow!

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In "Hints Tips and Helps," Tony Answers Your Questions:

How do I warm up?

How do I improve my skills?

What's the best exercise to improve my skills?
Improving keyboard techniques
The Matching Game

Tips on how to play runs and glissandos!

Helps for doing the bellow shake

Single Shake
Triple Shake
Where should I bellow shake?
Which application should I use for the song I'm playing?

How much time should I spend practicing?

What's the best way to arrange music for myself?

Where do I start?
Intros and Endings

How do I put on a floorshow?

Borrowing ideas from others
What to open and close with

Dance Sets

Judging your crowd
What to start with
Building the set
Finishing the set

Includes Tony's special arrangement of the National Anthem!

This is indeed a must for every accordionist.   This video will basically have all the fundamentals you'll need to need to play any accordion arrangement, especially mine.

$15.00 + S/H


In "All that Shaking Going on"  Tony provides a Bellow Shake Workshop like none other!!!

A must for Intermediate & Professionals alike!

Improve your bellow shake performance.

Different methods of bellow shake (triple or double)

Bellow shake exercises to improve endurance.

Accent rhythm with the bellow shake.

Arranging music to bellow shake using different patterns for waltzes,beleros and fast 2

Ideas and song demonstrations

( Special feature for beginners on learning the bellow shake)

$15.00 + S/H

Tony Lovello - The Showman

Displayed are both the Midi and Acoustical Accordion. This classic video contains special arrangements that Tony performed with The Three Suns, plus Showtunes and Big Band arrangements. Tony performs a long list of songs that will be treasured for many years. Order yours now .

$15.00 + S/H




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