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Accordion Favorites(NEW!)
This is a copy of a vinyl 78rpm album that Tony recorded 60 years ago!

Delicious Mix CD
Another Acoustic Buffet of Accordion Music from Tony!

Tony's Complete CD / Video / DVD Catalog Flyer! 
Click to see Tony's complete CD / Video / DVD Catalog Flyer

Delicious Classic Ballads CD
A beautiful Acoustic Accordion arrangement of some of Tony's Classic Ballads

Delicious Classic Ballads II CD
More beautiful Acoustic Accordion arrangements of some of Tony's Classic Ballads

Tony's Full of Polka
A brand new polka album from Tony Lovello

Secrets from the Concert Stage  (Video)
Tony performs with the according giving secrets.

Italian Favorites
The magic and romance of the Italian Accordion Style

All Latin!
Latin Accordion Favorites by Tony Lovello

It's Accordion Time!
A great mix of hits on the Accordion

Melodies of Inspiration
Tony draws from a rich collection of inspirational melodies.

Tony Lovello and his Millennium Orchestra
A wonderful gift for the accordion music lover

Then and Now 2
Click for more information and to order.

Then and Now
Click for more information and to order.

Play it again, Tony
Tony knows no boundaries in accordion music arrangements


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